Mission Statement

At Lakes we endeavor to create a passion to love God above all by promoting the sanctification of the believer and the evangelization of those outside of the church.

Our Core Values

We endeavor to be a Worship Minded church

Worshiping our Lord is a focus of all aspects of ministry at Lakes. We want to show our love and adoration for God in everything we do.

We endeavor to be a Welcoming church

We want those who visit Lakes to feel welcome and as important to us as they are to God. We want to be approachable to our community. We want to be useful to all of those with whom we have contact.

We endeavor to be a church of Personal Relationships

We seek to strengthen one’s personal relationship with God. We actively promote fellowship among the church body.

We endeavor to be a Missions Minded church

At Lakes we strive to look beyond our own cities and towns and see an entire world that needs to know about Jesus. We actively seek opportunities to be personally involved in missions. We look to directly involve our congregation in mission trips.

We endeavor to be a Growing church

Growth is a sign of health. We expect to expand our church by teaching other about Jesus Christ and making disciples as Jesus instructed the first disciples to do.

Current Service Times & Location

Sunday Worship at 9:00am & 10:45am

309 Decker Rd
Walled Lake, MI 48390