Throughout the year we hold multiple adult Bible studies opposite of each worship service.  They vary in topics and focus in an effort to give adults not only a place to connect but a complete and accurate view of Scripture. Below are the current offerings.


Old Testament Survey – (David Knudsen) – The aim of this class is to better understand how the various books of the Old Testament fit into the overall story of the Bible.  In addition to basic themes from each book, special emphasis will be given to this overall picture, particularly how the various books move the thread of redemption forward. 

    • This class is part one of two (part two will be offered next quarter)
    • This class is for anyone seeking to grow their basic understanding of how God’s plan moves through Scripture.

Bible Study Principles – (Ron Moore) – This class will aim to give principles of Bible Study (derived from Simeon Trust Workshops) to help us be better students and teachers of God’s Word. Acts will be the primary text and principles will carry over into the Gospels. Each class will be a combination of instruction and hands on/active studying of the book of Acts.

    • This class serves as track one, leading to track two which is the various book studies (such as Colossians) that will be offered each quarter.
    • This class is for anyone looking to grow their ability to rightly study and handle God’s Word.

Discussions in Parenthood – (Brandon Gross) – This class is intended to provide parents with both a learning and discussion environment pointing us to what God’s word has to say about topics such as heart behavior, family worship, discipline, technology and more – spanning toddler to teen years. 

    • This class is for anyone hoping to become a parent or those who are parenting children through teens


How God’s Law Guides Our Lives – (Darryl Gross) – This class will center around the ten commandments of Exodus 20, and we will discover how God’s law has always served as the foundation of living for God’s people.

  • This class will be part of a continuing track centered around Christian living. 
  • This class is for anyone looking for continual teaching on the topic of Christian living/maturing faith.

Colossians Bible Study (Gordon White) – This class will be a verse-by -verse study through the book of Colossians which will utilize the principles learned in the track one Bible study class. The group study will be hands on, and the discovery process will primarily be done by the students, rather than taught by the teacher.  

  • This class is a track two class and is available for anyone who has previously finished the track one Bible study methods class.  







Current Service Times & Location

9:00am & 10:45am

309 Decker Rd
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