Throughout the year we hold multiple adult Bible studies opposite of each worship service.  They vary in topics and focus in an effort to give adults not only a place to connect but a complete and accurate view of Scripture. Below are the offerings that begin on October 2nd.


Biblical & Theological Overview Track

Topic: Systematic Theology – Part 1 (Phil Wilson – Superior Room)

The aim of this class is to take a very general overview approach to many of the major doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • Person of Christ, Doctrine of Scripture, Theology proper, sin etc… This will be taught over 2 quarters but each week and quarter will aim to stand alone.

Equipping Track

Topic: Counseling – Part 2 (Kathy Haglund – Huron Room)

This class will aim to give those who are already training in Biblical counseling more specific insights and helps into particular areas of the 
counseling world. Topics may include areas such as suicide, depression, divorce etc. One or two weeks will be given to a particular topic and how to Biblically deal with the issue.

•  This class serves as track two, and is intended only for those who have taken track one or have already begun counseling training.

Biblical / Family Roles Track

Topic: This Momentary Marriage (Brandon Gross – Library)

This class is intended to provide encouragement to couples as they walk through marriage together. It will take a special emphasis on the great gulf between the biblical vision of marriage and the human conception
and help drive us to the former.


Christian Living Track

Topic: Stewarding God’s Goodness (Darryl Gross/Al Nettleingham – Superior Room)

This class will guide our Christian walk through how to maximize our life, our gifts, our money etc. for God’s glory and kingdom living.

Young Adults Track

Topic: A Healthy Relationship with the Church (Gordon White/Mike Zielinski – Library)

This class is aimed at our young adults to help them better understand how they can best be utilized for kingdom service within the local church body.




Current Service Times & Location

9:00am & 10:45am

309 Decker Rd
Walled Lake, MI 48390