Throughout the year we hold multiple adult Bible studies opposite of each worship service.  They vary in topics and focus in an effort to give adults not only a place to connect but a complete and accurate view of Scripture. Below are the offerings that begin on January 8th.


Biblical & Theological Overview Track

Topic: Systematic Theology – Part 2 (Phil Wilson – Superior Room)

The aim of this class is to take a very general overview approach to many of the major doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • Person of Christ, Doctrine of Scripture, Theology proper, sin etc… This will be taught over 2 quarters but each week and quarter will aim to stand alone.

Equipping Track

Topic: Intro to Counseling (Ron Moore – Huron Room)

This class will aim to lay a foundation for what Biblical counseling is and help direct attendees in being used by God to help people who are hurting.  The class will use the book “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” by Paul David Tripp as a manual and purchasing the book is highly recommended.

Biblical / Family Roles Track

Topic: Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (Dan Magee – Library)

This class is intended to give biblical grounding for understanding God’s intent for men and women as he created them.  This will cover roles in life as well as the church and will cover issues such as gender and identity in a world that is rapidly trying to redefine gender.


Christian Living Track

Topic: Lord, Teach us to Pray (Darryl Gross/Al Nettleingham – Superior Room)

This class will look at many aspects of prayer in the life of a believer and seek to make it a more integral part of our daily walk.

Bible Study Track

Topic: Book of James Bible Study (Dennis Kosmowski – Huron Room)

This class will use Bible study principles to help guide the class through a study on the book of James.

Young Adults Track

Topic: Encounters with Jesus (Gordon White/Mike Zielinski – Library)

This class is aimed at our young adults and will be covering various encounters of Jesus with people in the New Testament.




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