•Lego Race Night

What is it? – This is a night of connection and competition where children thru 8th grade are invited to design and race Lego cars, while parents assist in helping their children modify their designs throughout the night. Friends are encouraged. The night will be complete with a meal, workshop time, races and prizes.

How Does it Work? – The night will begin with a free meal for all at 6pm. At the same time, workshop stations will be opened for kids to build/modify their cars. Children are encouraged to work on a Lego race car prior to the event and bring them with, however the stations will be available with parts to build your own car that night, or add to it throughout the night. Races will begin and each participant will have opportunity to race a set amount of races throughout the night, all along being able to add/or take away parts from their car to make it faster. Parents are asked to be on hand to be able to assist in modifying your child’s cars throughout the night as well as encourage by your presence. Prizes will be given for design and speed.

6pm – Meal Begins & Work stations open
6:30pm (approximate) – Races begin & Work stations remain open
7:30/8pm – Races complete and prizes are given

•Friends are encouraged to attend this evening
•One vehicle entry per person
•The entire night is free!



Current Service Times & Location

8:30am / 9:45am / 11:00am

309 Decker Rd
Walled Lake, MI 48390